Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Colette Patterns Rule!

I don't know which part of this post to do first, so, since I'm about 2 days late...

Thank you to The Coletterie (the blog for Colette Patterns), for featuring me and my Jasmine top in their Monday Featured Seamstress segment. If you missed it, you can click on the name and see the post. I was so flattered to have been chosen, after they had seen the Jasmine top in their flickr group. They made my Monday!

And on Monday, I finished my first pair of Clover pants. I say first pair, because I will definitely make more. I didn't actually have to make too many changes... traced the size 12, messed around with the crotch depth length. Is that the right term? The length that goes from your front waistline to the back waistline?

Anyway, after making the muslin, I had to tweak just a wee bit more, and they fit! OK, they are just a touch tight, but I'll take care of that with eliminating a recent obsession with Halloween candy. Done. The only change for the next pair is to lower the back waistline about half an inch. I did make the pockets, but I think I'll probably just leave them out for future pairs. I have several pieces of fabric already pulled in my stash for said future pairs.

These are made from an inexpensive poly gabardine from Hancocks. And it's black. Not too exciting, but I predict a lot of wear.

Oh, and p.s., no Wilma on Wednesday today, but the holidays are coming up, so lots of opportunities for hitting the dessert section of her cookbook pretty hard.


  1. Your outfit is what I strive for in dressing "casual but care about how I look". Love it on you. Those are great looking pants.

  2. They don't look tight to me from the pictures. A very nice clover. I have made five so far. lol.

  3. The Clover pants turned out fabulously Elle! So flattering! I may "need" to make a pair for myself now :D



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