Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wilma on Wednesday -- Tuna What? Casserole

This week's Wilma installment has been a staple for me, for as long as I can remember. And I'm pretty sure it was the first thing I ever made all by myself, and at the tender age of around 6. But I'm also pretty sure I've never heard of anyone else ever concocting such a casserole.

My mom and dad got married at the young, young age of 19 and 22, respectively. Aren't they cute?...
Is my mom really wearing red boots? That's my Great Aunt Dortee (short for Dorothy) looking on over on the left. This was taken in early 1959, a couple months after my parents got married, in front of their first house.

Anyway... as wonderful a cook as my Grandma Wilma was, she never really taught my mom anything. While the following recipe is in Grandma's cookbook, I'm speculating that my mom found it on the back of a Campbell's soup can, and we ate it so often, that later in my parent's marriage my dad refused to eat tuna ever again.
But it is super easy, and can be dumped together assembled in about 5 minutes. And a 6 year old can make it! I think I let my own daughter, Laura, make it when she was 6. Aren't we cute...
If you can't tell from the age of the pictures, I'm on the left on a trip to Boca Raton, Florida, and Laura is on the right, somewhere in the Czech Republic countryside. Sadly, I don't think Laura's husband, Thomas, likes tuna, so she'll be limited to making it on those time when he might be on a business trip, and she needs to feed the kids quick.

Tuna Potato Chip Casserole

In a 9" x 9" square pan, layer:

Crushed potato chips
1 can of LeSeur peas
1 can of tuna fish (any size you want... I used 2-5 oz cans)

Meanwhile, mix 1/2 can of milk with a can of cream of mushroom soup. Pour this over the layered ingredients. Add a topping of crushed potato chips. Bake at 350 deg F for 20-25 minutes.

I don't have a picture of it on a plate, because frankly, it looks a little gross. But 2 of us ate almost this whole thing on Monday, leaving just enough for my lunch today.

"Wedding dress" update: check back here tomorrow! It's almost done!


  1. When first married Tuna Casserole was a staple in our home. Usually made with shell or fusilli past and cream of mushroom or broccoli soup, broccoli and/or peas and pepper. Hubs and I each varied our recipe slightly and based on what we had in the fridge. Yum.

  2. So interesting to hear about your family tree. When I first saw Tuna Casserole my taste buds quivered, I love the stuff but haven't made it in years. I use to make it to death when my daughter was very young. Mine was a little different because it contained egg noodles. Mmmmm just might make this soon.

  3. We had tuna noodle casserole all. the. time. when I was a kid. Peas, mushroom soup, tuna--I hated it, and I especially hated to see good potato chips go to waste on top of it! Now just thinking about it makes me feel warm and cozy all over.

  4. That is so cute! My in laws were married in 59 too and my MIL used to make stuff like that. I think my 8 year old would love to try making it! Thanks.



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