Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Blue Gardenia Haul

Do you shop at the Blue Gardenia for your vintage patterns? Well, ok, I sell vintage patterns, too, but I think Denise must have the corner on those super duper special ones, so when she has a sale, I confess to doing a little shopping. Where does she find all those amazing Vogue patterns?!!

She had a sale that ended a couple of weeks ago, and, since sewing is still on hiatus here at Chez Sewing Life, I'll just have to do a little pattern show and tell. In the order that I think* I might make them.

First up, Advance 8623:
The exciting thing about this pattern... it's my size! I'm admitting to a 34" waist, and I've got my fingers crossed it'll fit right out of the envelope. Fabric TBD, but I'm leaning towards a classic black RPL from Gorgeous Fabrics.

Since I actually have a couple of things in the queue before the skirt (remember the Ruby Slip? the minoru jacket? a not mentioned yet blouse? all UFOs waiting for the studio reformation), it should be spring by the time I get to the next pattern. Heck, it's hardly been winter here so it might be hard to tell.

Anyway, a Vogue Paris Original by Molyneux:
I'm thinking a brilliant jewel-tone ponte if I can find it somewhere... any ideas?

There may be some other things in between, but I'm thinking for summer, the Butterick 5301:
That sleeveless blouse has My Style written all over it, and I love the pockets on the skirt. Maybe (maybe?) even the shorts.

That brings us around to the fall and winter for the next one. I was thinking originally that it would be first, but did you see where I said we haven't really had winter this year. I'm hoping capes will still be in style because I've had a hankering for one this year. Some other dear blogger beat me to my first choice, but I do love this Vogue Americana by Anne Klein:
I have a potential estate sale brown and black houndstooth wool in mind, but we'll just have to see about that. And do you see that delicious red hood peeking out? That's actually a scrunchy turtleneck top that stretches into a hood. I'm intrigued. Besides what you see in the pic, there are also pants! That could be quite the project.

I have some others I've bought from Denise on other occasions that I need to get made up, too. Well, for that matter, I have lots of patterns that I've bought that need to get made. *ahem*

*I think I might make them in this order, but you never know when the mood will strike to make a particular pattern, and I reserve the right to change my mind!! =)


  1. OK I'll take that vogue original I think you already have my address for mailing - just kidding.

  2. What a wonderful line-up of patterns! Both the Vogues are just gorgeous.

  3. The Butterick is calling my name!

  4. I can't wait to see them all come to life!



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