Sunday, January 8, 2012

Should I Go With the Blue?

The Blue Gardenia, that is. The time is especially good right now for heading over to see what Denise has on sale! But don't delay! The sale runs now until 11:59 PST January 15. You have to buy 3 or more patterns, but it's 35% off! What a deal... the Blue Gardenia ... don't miss it.

After I do some shopping, I'm going to start with some interior design. With my son moving into a rental house, he needed a bed, and the extra queen size that was hanging out in my sewing room is heading south. And that leaves me with the opportunity to move out of the unfinished part of the basement, and into an actual finished room.

Here's the before picture:
You can see in the lower right hand corner, where my sewing machine table is, and behind the door on the left edge... my ironing board, and a dresser that Kyle is also taking with him.

Lots more will be happening in our house, so occasionally, some other interior design projects might be mentioned. New kitchen, anyone?

But back in this little corner of mine, I'm first going to declutter and then repaint, color still to be determined...


  1. Rights of passage all round! I hope your son enjoys having is own digs and that you have a lovely sewing room.

  2. Looks like excellent beginnings for a wonderful sewing room. You'll definitely want to spend more time in there than in unfinished basement space!



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