Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Didn't Forget How to Sew! Just Look!

It's just like riding a bike, right? I've gone many more weeks, months and, yes, even years between sewing projects, but I was just feeling a little disoriented, and right in the middle of a project! I don't think I even told you what I was making, so let's start there.

Simplicity 4530 at Down the Street
A fabulous pattern from 1953, that is indeed for sale in my shop (click on the caption to go see the details). You don't think I can amass all these amazing vintage patterns without making up a few of them, do you? Often they sell before I get my chance, but I trace my real favs for that eventuality. This one is still available! Still, I traced, because I did make some semi-extensive alterations. I do not have a 1953 waistline! I'll plan show you those changes on Thursday, because I think more than a few of us do not have 1953 waistlines.

So, I pulled out the tripod, went outside because it is a fabulous day here today, and took pictures. I'll show you a few of those, but alas, there's no mirror out there, and the collar is a little wonky. I took one inside with the collar going the right way. I can see this could get to be a wearability issue if I start messing with it.

I made view 1 (the green one), out of some fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics (still available). I used the "wrong" side. Buttons are from Sunny Buttons (an Etsy shop).

This style just screams out ... wear pearls!! By the way, the cuffs, arghhhh!! They were much harder than they should have been, and I really did them my own way. More on them in the alteration post.

Now the outside shots, which show different ways to wear it. (Ignore the collar.) Pants: Clover Pattern, Blogged here.
With a Skinny Belt

No Belt, Untucked

Tucked In
Which way do you like the best?


  1. Excellent work ! I love that pattern. Although both ways look great, tucked in looks FABULOUS.

  2. Cute pattern,and perfect in that check. I like it with the belt best, and then tucked in. It would also look cute with a sweater, vest or jacket.

  3. That is such a nice blouse. I like it tucked in on you, but I like it untucked with no belt the best.

  4. The collar is gorgeous! Very flattering, and just right with pearls:-)
    I like your fabric choice a lot.
    I like it best worn untucked with no belt, but all are good.

  5. It looks really eye-catching and put-together with the belt. What a great blouse. I imagine you will get a lot of wear from it.

  6. I really like your top and pearls are the perfect accessory! Such a nice crisp look! By the way I've seen lots and lots of navy RTW this spring. Great fabric choice!

  7. Hmmm... I like the belted look, personally, but whatever way you wear it this is a fabulous blouse.

  8. The collar is terrific on you! I like unbelted and out. All look good though.

  9. All the views are good. I think I prefer the belted one but it's a tough choice!

  10. I totally dig the skinny belt! Wonderful that you used print!



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