Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How Do You Pinterest?

Is Pinterest even a verb? Anyway, I'm curious about your pinterest habits, and have concocted a quick poll about pinterest. No prizes, I'm just curious. I'll tell you how I Pinterest in another post.

Answer all that apply! And feel free to elaborate in the comments.


  1. Yes, I use the Pinterest bulletin board thing. I first found it when I googled something. Shortly I joined. Now I use it to Pin crafty items of particular interest.This is bettr than bookmarking, for me,because i can see what I pinned. Each browser handles bookmarks differently, and refuse to give complete menus. I may have a folder marked sewing, but that browser doesn't want me to have it. i can either make a new folder, or lose the bookmark. Pinterest!

  2. Yes I use Pinterest - mainly for sewing although I've put a few other crafty things on there. I tend to use it as a pinboard to remind me of courses I want to do / items I want to make as well as just for general inspiration.

    I've started pinning links to fabric I've foud on line as it's a good way to remember where you saw a particular fabric that you liked

  3. I absolutely love Pinterest-it has allowed me to put all my inspiration and planning online. It works for me so well. I actually don't stay on too long unless I am resting. I check it daily and also review my boards occasionally. I started a board of things I've done etc and that has kept me focused on my goals. Great tool for me.



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