Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big News

Oh, so many plans to sew. I've traced the Sewaholic Alma blouse. And one of my vintage patterns. And then I get a call Thursday evening. That leads to an interview on Friday afternoon. Which leads to an offer for a job that I'm starting Monday!


That's tomorrow!

You read that right!

The job is in a local bridal salon not 10 minutes from my house, and I will be working in the Mother of the Bride/Bridesmaid/Special Occasion department. I'm really excited!! I've needed something to get me out of the house. As much as I love my Etsy shop (which will continue), and my Etsy online friends, and my blogging friends, I need to talk to live people face to face.

The downside:
You can only wear solid black. I had to do some emergency shopping yesterday, and you are seeing the results of the shopping plus me pulling out every wearable black item in my closet. I've set up this work closet in Laura's room, and now I'll have a work dressing room.

I've also pulled out several pieces of black fabric that I have, and there will be some sewing. I know it's not all that exciting, and of course, when I'm not working, I will probably not wear a stitch of black, so you will see color again. Soon, I promise! At least once my mind and my body get used to the routine.

Do you know that it's been 25 years since I've worked at a full time job? It's going to be a shock!!

Tonight though, we're headed out to a celebratory dinner. And I don't think I'll wear black!


  1. Congrats! That is really exciting! I hope it'll be fun and I'm sure you'll have some good stories! :)

  2. Good for will do a great job...the clients you work with will appreciate your good advice and input!

  3. This sounds wonderful to me. I am sure all you've learned about fitting from sewing will cross over when you are trying to help people buy the right thing that is going to make them look great. I hope you have a ball!

  4. How strange I went for an interview on Friday, (still waiting for the results) and If I get the job its black, grey or brown UGH!. I dont do brown. Of course, in my small wardrobe I have about 5 suitable pieces.

    Good Luck ,I hope you enjoy your first day. What a nice job, Im sure you will like it.

  5. Congratulations! Sounds exciting. Do hope that this will still leave you time to sew.

  6. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your new job.

  7. congrats that sounds so exciting! btw: I have a new sewing blog, I'd love it if you checked it out!




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