Monday, February 11, 2013

Mad Men Monday Week 2

Progress has been made! Well, not tangible progress anyway, as so far scissors have not been taken to pattern or fabric. But it's that kind of intangible progress that involves making a decision.

First, from the 1960s archives of my family photo albums:
I guess the focus of this picture is my adorable baby self, but look at the fabulous suit my mom has on, complete with slim skirt, jacket with bracelet length sleeves, possibly bound buttonholes (the picture is a bit too fuzzy to tell), and real fur collar... that I have in my possession now. Back to the decision making.

Decision 1: garments that I make should be useful to my daily life, and not just "frosting" as they say around the sewing blogosphere.

Decision 2: I'm going to attempt to make 3 (and maybe 4) garments for the Mad Men Challenge. (If Project Runway contestants can make a couture gown in one, surely I can accomplish this in 10-11 weeks!)

Decision 3: Garment #1 is going to be a black pencil skirt, inspired by Joan and the other secretarys at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Advertising. Boring, yes, but oh, so useful.

The Pattern:
 This was purchased last year from The Blue Gardenia. True, it's probably late 50's, but it works for me, and it's my size. I'm making view 2, though I really do like view 1, too. First change to make the skirt more late 60s (and frankly, more 2013) will be to shorten it.

More pencil skirt options from my own shop:
McCall's 5460
Don't you love the ribbon detail on the green skirt? I might do that on mine to give it a bit more interest.
Simplicity 6636
Closer to the vintage of the newer seasons of Mad Men, this Simplicity from 1966 has it all... shorter skirt, blazer, shell and slacks.

McCall's 9505
Finally, from 1968, this McCall's suit pattern has the short pencil skirt, Nehru jacket AND a cape. Three great pieces!


  1. Make sure to check the finished hem circumference measurement on Advance 8623. It seems from the pattern cover that View 2 it is not a pencil (or straight) skirt but an a-line. The circumference should match or be smaller than the finished hip measurement. I've studied many a vintage pattern and figured out their visual tricks. Feel free to let me know if I am wrong though. ;)

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