Monday, February 4, 2013

Mad Men Monday

Welcome to my new series. I figured if I'm going to do the latest Mad Men challenge (click on badge in the sidebar for more info), I might as well attempt to keep myself on track, hence a Monday report on how it's going.

Today's topic... INSPIRATION ... aka WHAT DO I MAKE?!!

I went to my favorite source for Mad Men Style info (Tom and Lorenzo), and pinned photos from last season. If you're a Mad Men fan, you know that they're now firmly in the late 60s. This leaves me with a dilemma, because the early 60s are really better style-wise for me. I just relate more to those more formal and fitted styles, and find the wearability easier than the mini, hippier looks of the late 60s.

[As an aside, I lived through the entire 1960s, minus the first 5 days of 1960 when I was still in the womb. I'm a child of the 60s and wore many of the late 60s styles, at least in a child-version. This doesn't make me like them any better.]
Me, December 1960...I'll try to find a better picture.
My initial feeling is that I'm going to make the shirtdress I was considering making for the challenge last year. I have fabric, and a pattern for this, and it will be a great and timeless summer style for the heat of the southeast US.

But Joan's (or even Megan's) work look would also be great, and a useful addition to my own work wardrobe. OK, the boring part would be that it would have to be in black. I'll probably still make a Joan or Megan-inspired pencil skirt and blouse with a ruffle, or a great wiggle dress, but maybe just not for the challenge.

Finally, I need a dress to wear to a summer wedding, so something dressier could also be a possibility. Hmmm, do you see any favorites in these pictures?

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