Monday, April 29, 2013

You Can Wear It Again -- Bridesmaid Series

If you are new to the blog, welcome! I've had a handful of new readers showing up from bloglovin', so ... YAY! Anyway, I sew, but since last September I've been working in the bridal industry as a Bridesmaid Consultant. From time to time, I plan to write about a few of my own insights. These opinions in no way reflect the opinions of my employers, and are my own.

OK, with that little disclaimer out of the way, let's talk about what bridesmaids wear!

You Can Wear It Again!

"It" of course, being the dreaded bridesmaid dress. Foisted upon best friends, sisters, future sisters-in-law, and occasionally the random friend that is in the wedding just to make sure the numbers on both sides are even. What? You thought brides only choose their very best and closest friends ever to stand by their sides? If only. But that's another post.

JCrew Bridesmaids
To be fair, I don't hear this every day. These days, it does seem most girls know the truth. But I do hear it, and sometimes most passionately from moms.

Bari Jay
But why aren't these dresses worn again more often? Or at all? Yes, some of them are hideously ugly. But the reality is that even the cutest bridesmaid dress is still a bridesmaid dress. And it has a very important role to play. The bride is wearing a dress that she will never wear again, so why should the bridesmaids?

Yet, the bride often feels guilty making her bridesmaids pay so much for a one-time worn dress that the maid did not actually choose for herself. She has foisted her "vision" on these hapless girls and it involves colors and styles that just don't suit everyone. Think about it though... how often do you wear a long (or short), strapless, chiffon dress?

Alvina Valenta - JLM Couture
I think that, ultimately, is the bottom line. This type of dress is just not worn that often.

Let's talk about it! In my next bridesmaid post, I'll show off some of the bridesmaid dresses I've worn, and the ones my own maids wore. What about you?


  1. Can't wait to read your next post as I see lots of bridesmaids come through my sewing room and wonder what ever happens to those chiffon dresses. At least prom dresses can be sold and recycled.

  2. Sounds great! My sister is getting married soon, and she and I are sewing the bridesmaid dresses, with the goal of creating a dress that can be worn again.



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