Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Me Made May 2013

Here's the deal. I wasn't going to participate in the Me Made May fun this year. I mean, seriously, I work 6 days a week most of the time, and can only wear black so that's really boring. I hate that part of my job, and just couldn't inflict that on y'all.

But then... wait! I'm taking a vacation in May, heading to Virginia for daughter Laura's graduation from graduate school. Five whole days of no black! I'm currently working on the muslin for the "graduation" dress. Fingers crossed it will work, because it's meant to go with an orphan jacket that I made a while back. This one. I've never worn it.

OK, I've totally digressed. Here's my pledge:

I, Ellen, hereby pledge to participate in a Mini-Me-Made-May, wearing at least me made garment on my days off, and on my
mid-May vacation. In addition, I'll feature one post where I show off the capsule of black things I've made to wear to work.

I haven't figured out the posting plan, but it'll happen. And I will by joining the flickr group to post the pictures.


  1. Ellen, that is a terrific plan. I want to see your non -black wardrobe :-)



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