Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's a Mom's Life

The last 2 days have been more about a mom's life, and how moms everywhere support their children through thick and thin. Let's sum up the last 2 days for me and the College Boy Kyle:

Hours in Car: 16
Tanks of Gas: 2
Hours of Country Western music listened to because listening to Christmas music made him too upset: 5
Best radio station for interstate travel through North Carolina and SW Virginia that played non-holiday music: WSOC 103.7 out of Charlotte
Hours of Christmas music listened to once the drama subsided: 11
Nights at the Holiday Inn Express, Troutville, Virginia: 1
Minutes talking on the phone to the attorney: around 20 max.
Miles traveled: 884

Finally, mother/son bonding: Priceless

We will never forget the 2009 holiday season, as the one we drove to Virginia, where there was a major snow storm, that closed the courts, that made it impossible for us to get to our 11 a.m. court appointment, that meant the attorney, who said it earned College Boy major points for effort, handled it all by phone. Bottom line, his misdemeanor reckless driving charge was reduced to a regular ol' speeding ticket. I think (hope) he's learned his lesson.

the General District Courthouse in Fincastle, Virginia

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  1. Hahahaha.. the "hours spent listening to country western music because christmas music made him too upset" line actually made me laugh out loud. That's totally something I would do.



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