Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tutu Fun

It seems I'm still Sewing.For.Others (SFO). This project though can't entirely be classified as sewing, as much as knot tying. There was a tiny bit of sewing... I sewed the ends of the elastic together to make the waistband... it took about 2 minutes, but I did break a needle in the process. Don't ask me how I did that!

I had all these leftover tulle strips when I decorated for my dinner party. You can see how I tied the tulle around the chairbacks and then inserted a glittery floral pick from Michaels to really dress it up. Well, I don't have any little girls directly in my life, but my daughter's fiance has a 5 year old niece that would love a tutu. You don't have to look far in the blogosphere to find a tutorial for tying the strips around a ribbon or elastic.

I opted for the elastic, and after about 5 minutes of tying, my attention wandered. Laura was around though, and she finished tying the rest of them and we have this adorable tutu, ready for the dress up closet!

We decided we like the raggedy edges
Don't worry sewing fans, the real sewing is about to begin! I know most sewists have lots of projects planned and even cut out in their minds, and I am certainly no different. I even have no less than 3 handbags in various states of construction as well! Today's non-sewing project involves pheasant. More on that later!


  1. cute's a tip from one-who-does-not-sew--i have tied the tulle on a stretchy headband (for a toddler this works beautifully) and also, i have tied the tule onto a wide piece of grosgrain so that the tutu can have a big bow. also--add a big silk flower hotglued on to a hairclip so that it can be worn with or without. so so fun!!

  2. Thats so cute!

    I made a bunch of tutus not to long ago, also.

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