Thursday, December 17, 2009


Welcome to my brand new sewing blog! It seems like I've been sewing forever, and wanted to write about mostly sewing, but also other things as they pop up. A very likely topic will be my daughter, Laura's upcoming wedding in June of next year. There will be sewing that goes along with that!

I'll try to include lots of pictures, too. Works in progress, patterns I love, ufo's (maybe I'll finish them!), completed items, both past and present. And while I sew to make a little money (I was going to say for a living, but was consumed with laughter on THAT one), I want to rediscover my love of sewing something for myself. Crazy, huh?!

1 comment:

  1. hooray! i am the first official comment on the new blog. i really like the look of this blog--so simple. can't wait to see/hear about your projects past/present since i am so sewing-challenged!



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