Friday, March 19, 2010

Rooibos Dress Finished

I've had this dress finished for a couple of days, but am just getting around to posting. This pattern goes together easily, though I did have to make a couple of alterations to the bodice, most notably narrowing the "straps" as they are particularly wideset in the pattern, and lengthening the bodice above the midriff. Lengthening the bodice resulted in a higher neckline, so I had to adjust that, too. The result of the narrowing changed the look of the little collar, and not for the better I think. Oh, and I moved the darts more toward the center.

The fabric is a fine line twill that is 97% cotton and 3% lycra. It sews beautifully, but it also wrinkles very easily. That part could be annoying. The contrast fabric is the same. In reading some of the reviews on Pattern Review, some people were not happy with their little collar staying down. I starched mine, and ironed, and it seems to be stuck down well without tacking.

I traced the pattern because I also went from a size 8 for the bodice, to a 12 at the midriff and below. I think that really I should have stayed at the 8 for the midriff, and then moved out to a 10, because it is supposed to be a bit closer fitted. While I like the style as it, closer fitted would be a bit more flattering. I think it's bordering on early pregnancy, and for someone my age, that's not a good look. You can tell from the back view that I needed the larger size, though. I tissue fitted (is that a verb?) the skirt part, and need to remember that tissue doesn't stretch.

One other change I made to the back bodice was to lengthen and narrow the darts in the back. This was in direct response to a review on Pattern Review, so thanks to that reviewer. No pokey outie darts here. A note on the pattern instructions: there is never an instruction to finish the lower edge of the facing pieces. I serged all the seams to finish them, and did the same to the facing.

Ordinarily, I prefer a blind stitched hem, but I just machine stitched this one, and am pleased with the appearance. Almost forgot... I lengthened the skirt pattern by 1-1/2" before cutting out, and only had a 5/8" hem. It's really short the way it's printed, and that's also not a good look for me.

It's going to be a great summer dress, and if I find some great buttons, I might add those to the bodice, but I'm fine with it as is. If I make it again, I'll do some narrowing at the midriff, and maybe change the neckline, but keep the rest of the changes I made. I think it would be really cute to do it in 2 colors so it looks like a high waisted skirt, and a top.


  1. Wonderful dress, beautifully made! I love that style, perfect for summer, and you have chosen a really lovely colour, it suits you so well.

  2. That's a pretty dress. Congratulations and nice sewing!

  3. That is so cute! I love seeing your wonderful work!

  4. You look fabulous in that dress. I love the color!

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