Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Size Matters

Well, folks, Butterick 5353 is finally finished. What? You thought I was going to talk about something else?

What I want to say about size is... when it comes to patterns, if they are at all fitted at the top, then buy the size that matches your bust measurement. If I had done that, then this dress that took way longer than it should have, would have been done last week! I spent countless hours fussing and fitting and fitting and fussing, and in the end, it still doesn't fit quite like I want it to. Besides that, I changed the bodice up so much during the fitting, that I lost a bit of the original design.

Ah well, here are a few more pictures:

The up close pictures show (faintly, I know) the top stitch detailing around the neck band and waist band. I debated on doing it at all because of the busy print, but decided that it did add something. Amazingly, that was the first thing Roland noticed. I just want to point out that the wrinkly bit just above my waist in the back is total due to my fussing and fitting. If I make this pattern again, I will definitely go buy my correct bust size, and work the top into the larger hips.

Finally, I need some help! I'm not sure which shoes look the best, or if I need to go shopping. Take a look at what I have, and then answer the poll. And thanks!


  1. Because when there is a choice, shouldn't one always go shoe shopping?

  2. Love your dress - it's so springy Lilly Pulitzer. Now you have made me want one too.

  3. Nice dress, and it does look like spring! I like any of the light colored shoes with it. Actually, I use my high bust measurement (insteawd of bust) when making bodices, and then work the alterations out from there.

  4. Beautiful dress, I love the color...The open toe black pump is a winner for me. Lovely

  5. Just found your blog! Love the dress, I have this pattern. Will have to make it now. I really like yours!

  6. I like the blush shoes. They make your legs look long and oh-so-shapely.

  7. Love the dress! I read wedges are in for spring:)



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