Saturday, August 7, 2010

Color Opinion, Please

Muslin #2 of the raglan sleeve bodice top has been completed, and it has more red sharpie marks on it. I'm contemplating going back to the original, making it without any alterations (as a muslin), and altering the muslin from that. I think I may have distorted the original just a wee bit too much, and it's starting to be weird.

When I was going through some old fabric of my mom's though, I found one that might be a good match for the top. To refresh your memory, this is the pattern:

And the new color combination, with the blue for the bodice:
Yes? No? Are you crazy? And if I can find it, a patent yellow wide belt, and yellow shoes? It would certainly be colorful! But, would it be too much?


  1. Elle, I vote no. I would do the dress in the solid blue, but save that print for another project.

    The print looks Seventies to my eye and not really right for the pattern. It's great, but for something else.

  2. Na...don't think so. I agree with Peter. Keep the dress simple - the blue would be great, but that much pattern wouldn't be flattering.

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  4. I like the color combination, but not for the pattern you are working with. The blue would work throughout, and maybe you could make a cardi out of the striped material? Or a purse?
    I had to delete the original comment in order to edit for my terribel...terible...terrible typing :-)

  5. What about the other way around? Putting the solid on the bottom and the print on the top. Sometimes a dramatic fabric looks best if it has less yardage in the design. The print might make a nice oxford too, since we are used to seeing all kinds of prints used as blouses. Making the dress in the blue fabric and an overblouse in the print is another option.



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