Saturday, August 14, 2010

Simplicity 2369 -- the Dots are Done

After what seemed like a long wait for some vintage buckles, they arrived on Wednesday, and I finished the polka dot dress today. By the way, I got the buckles from Surrender Dorothy, and while the first set got lost in the mail, Veronica was very sweet, and sent out a second set (being vintage, it was lucky that she had more). I highly recommend shopping with her!

Oh, wait, you really want to see the dress!

The truth is, I'm not in love with it. I want to be, but I'm not. In spite of waiting for the perfect buckle, I should have done the version that just ties with a bow because this fabric is too slippy, and the tie end that goes through the buckle wants to just slip out. I'll play around with it a bit, but I think I may end up knotting it somehow after threading it through. We'll see.

I am happy that it isn't too clingy, which I was a bit worried about. I made it wider through the hips, and I think that alteration worked fine to eliminate the clinginess. And the pattern was super easy, so that's a plus!

I may end up wearing a stretchy white camisole underneath for modesty. Otherwise, not something I'm gushing about, but not too bad.


  1. So snazzy Elle! I love this dress and think it looks fantastic on you. I may have to pick up that pattern, though I'd likely make the version with sleeves --- only hesitating because raglan sleeves don't usually flatter me much. Nice work :D!

  2. I think it's fetching. Love the neckline. Love the buckle!

    You're inspiring me to work on my pencil skirt.

  3. Elle, this dress looks fabulous on you - the shape really suits you and the polka dots are gorgeous!

  4. It's a cute dress. Maybe after wearing it, you'll learn to love it. It looks very nice on you. Honestly.

  5. The dress looks great. It may become one of your go to dresses since it is so classic.

    You know I see knit patterns all the time that I feel are too clingy and I have never once thought to just add ease. When you mentioned how you added a bit in the skirt to please you, I had a 'Doink!' moment. Maybe I have dissed a lot of patterns unnecessarily. I am going to keep that thought in my mind next time I pattern shop.

    Thank you!

  6. I think it looks great! Maybe do what I did with my brown dress and step away for a couple of days --I liked it better when I came back to it.

    I bought this pattern but haven't made it up yet. I'm going to now (or eventually).



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