Sunday, December 12, 2010

Department of Random

Well, checked in on my blog today, and what to my wondering eyes did I see, but 100 followers! Yippee!

I really do love my followers and their insightful and supportive comments. And I promised a giveaway, which I will do. Um, just not today. I can't even decide what to get my closest family members for Christmas, much less organize a giveaway for my favorite readers. But have patience, and it will happen.

I've been working on cutting out the Macaron pattern, but I've been distracted, so it's slower going than usual in the cutting out department. And yesterday, I felt compelled to bake. Not any gifts, mind you, but I'm going to blame Christine and her Sweet Treats Saturday feature on her delightful blog. If you click on Sweet Treats it will take you directly to her blog, and the recipe for the Brown Butter Toffee Blondies, which I followed faithfully (except for the walnuts, we don't like them too  much here). And this is what I got:
Guess who likes the gooey center pieces the best? Trust me, they are DE-licious!

And in cold weather news, those of you who live in real cold weather areas, please promise not to laugh. Well, ok, laugh if you must, but it's been snowing here in Atlanta today:
I can hear you laughing. ;-)


  1. Good luck with your Macaron - I've made two and was surprised I loved it.

  2. If it weren't snowing up there, I might be tempted to drive to Atlanta for a crunchy corner piece of that dessert.

  3. You're calling that snow? Ha! Check out my latest post and see real snow. Those bars must be yummy!

  4. Congrats on your loyal following. The piece cut from the center is funny. I bet there was some competition for that one!



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