Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Grown Up Macaron

One of the worries that I (and others that might fall into a "more mature" age bracket have), is that it's possible that certain patterns are too youthful. Several Colette Patterns might very well fall into this youthful category, but I think fabric choice can be the key to "age appropriate". The Macaron is one that might be too youthful, but you be the judge here:
(Please ignore the snow white legs. I bought these great grey tights, but just wasn't feeling the whole, get dressed for the photo shoot thing.)

Some details: the main fabric is a "almost black" Italian stretch wool herringbone, and the lining is black silk habotai, both from Gorgeous Fabrics. The contrast is the tie silk from Gail K's in Atlanta.

I made some changes, but it's been a while so let's see what I remember.
  • Added 1" to the bodice and 3/4" to the midriff piece.
  • Started with a size 6 or 8-ish at the shoulders and graded up to a 12-ish. I cut 1" seam allowances for the skirt on the size 12, but ended up sewing a 5/8", so maybe we'll call it a size 13.
  • Lengthened the skirt by 1-3/4" and had a 1" hem.
  • Fully lined, interlining the yoke pieces and lining the rest. I used the facings, too, for extra neckline stability. Bound the sleeve seams with bias cut contrast silk.
  •  Did not use the contrast fabric for the midriff, but instead used piping for a little definition. I think it makes me look taller and thinner (please leave me this delusion).
  • Finally, moved the zipper from the side to the back.
 I'm sure that I probably made some other tweaks to the fit of the bodice, but like I said, it's been awhile since I made the muslin. Oh, the sleeves. Yeah, they were a bitch to be honest. I'm not sure what it is about my arms and the way they connect to my body, but I've had some issues with patterns recently. Anyway, they turned out ok, but it must have been magic, or some supernatural sewing skills that I possess.

And look! Pockets!


  1. I love the dress on you - super slimming - especially love the pockets - I've made two Macaron's - and I'm 44! Yes, I totally agree on the fabric - and I found the sleeves to be, ahem, challenging, as well. Great post!!

  2. This is such a pretty style on you. It is very slimming and you look so stylish.

  3. That's an elegant dress. It is NOT too youthful. But I know what you mean about deciding what is age appropriate. Most patterns are modeled by very young women, so of course, that image get stuck in our heads.

  4. LOVE it! And I'm not a Macaron fan!

  5. You look super! It's all in the choice of fabric, and you certainly did choose the right combination.

  6. Your Macaron is stunning Elle! It looks so freaking fabulous on you too :D. I've passed this pattern up so far (don't think my upper arms are worthy of those cap sleeves), but am reconsidering after seeing your excellent version --- well done sweetie ♥

  7. I think you look terrific! Fashionable and comfy.

  8. You know, you actually do look taller and thinner.

  9. Fabulous dress! It's very elegant and very flattering. I really love how you have interpreted this style - you look wonderful in it.

  10. Hi Elle I found your blog through Pattern Review as I'm currently making a Macaron and I loved your grown up approach so much I've posted it up on my blog! Hope this is ok, Here is a link to it! Stevie x



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