Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Perfect PJ's

Do you have that favorite thing that you always wear, that fits perfectly, and, when it starts to wear out, you think, hmmm, I think I can make a new one? That would describe my favorite pair of flannel pj pants, and early last fall, I bought the flannel, but never got around to them (what with Lady Grey taking over my sewing projects... and, ok, a few other things). Then I read about the press and seal pattern copying method over on Lindsey T's blog. Great!

But then, I ran into a wee little problem. These pj's are worn, and the cotton is stretched and distorted. I could tell when I drew the crotch seam that this was just not going to work. I pressed on though, because I have a pj pattern.
Well, I couldn't actually find the instruction book, but I found the pattern pieces, XS-XXXL all on one page. Great! But my RTW pants fit perfectly, so I just lined them up and traced the shape that most readily fit. No measurements were taken in the making of these pants. Get this... for the front piece, I traced the XS! You read that right. eXtra Small! For the back piece, I traced the large, for the waist width, but used the crotch seam for the small. And I narrowed the leg width on the back. Due to fabric limitations, I had to make the capri length. It would have taken several adjustments with a muslin to come up with that configuration, so using the perfectly fitting RTW as a guide worked great. At least for a simple garment like this.

Over at K-Line, Kristin is trying to reproduce her favorite bra, and it took some destruction. But I didn't want to go that route with my pj's, so I'm happy to show you, for about 4 or 5 hours of my time, start to finish:
Got 'em on right now!

And with a tummy full of blackeyed peas, here's hoping the rest of my 2011 goes just as smoothly, and yours, too!


  1. PJ pants, I think, are the fastest instant gratification project there is. Yours turned out beautifully! (And now for the next ones you don't even have to trace!)

  2. They look soooooo comfy!!!! Yep, those black-eyed peas are a must at our house, too!

  3. Nice comfy fit there, don't you just love jammies. Glad you enjoyed your peas.

  4. Cute little PJ bottoms! Now that you have a pair you like, you can whip up all you want.



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