Friday, January 28, 2011

Finished Object Friday -- Week One

Well, it was only on Wednesday that I declared that I would finish one sewing and one non-sewing UFO that is cluttering up my life, so you'll have to cut me some slack. I picked 2 really easy projects. Not to say that these hadn't been hanging around awhile. Oh no. For instance, my non-sewing UFO.

Looks innocent enough doesn't it. A smallish grocery bag with some stuff in it. I think hope you've all done this. Company is coming and your kitchen desk is a mess. You stuff everything in a bag, and stash it in the laundry room. I distinctly remember that this bag was filled before the dinner party we had in December 2009. Let's hope there were no unpaid bills in there!

Luckily, no. As you can see, I ended up with 3 piles, the biggest of which was the trash. Next came stuff to file (some was already in folders), and the quilting calendar that has some good pattern ideas. I'll cull through those at a later date. Yeah, you heard me. I'm moving it to another place. For now. The 3rd is that great UGA banner that we hung up for Laura's graduation party, held in August 2009. I'll see if she wants it for those football watching parties she and Thomas like to host and if she doesn't want it I'll tuck it in the Goodwill box I've started. Someone here in Atlanta can make good use of that great decoration.

For the first sewing UFO I tackled, this falls more into the mending category, but it has been haunting me for awhile.
Poor Snoopy! Somehow his ear became separated from his head, and no live dogs were involved in this mishap. The good news is:
Week One of my UFO challenge can be declared a success! Next week, I'll try to have a little more to show for my efforts, lol!


  1. Hi Elle, Just wanted to say a quick thankyou for my lovely purse I won in your giveaway. I received it yesterday!
    Even a bit of extra blog love! x

  2. I bet snoopy is very happy! He's such a cutie!

  3. Snoopy is a cutie, and even moreso with both ears! I do the paper bag trick way too often! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I've never done the bag trick but that's only because I never thought of it. Not that I know ... uh oh. lol

  5. Congratulations! The feeling of accomplishment is all that matters. Besides, when making up "rules" you have to grow into them - starting with smaller projects works perfectly.

  6. What a great idea to promise to accomplish two such tasks a week! Tell Thomas and Laura that I could always send them a big orange UT banner if they would rather have that!

  7. I've used a bag and or a box for quick stash cleanups. You are to be commended for tackling it, I still have several to attack myself.

  8. I guess sewing and dogs really do go together. It reminds me of my blog,



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