Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ruh Roh

So our fabulous rescue dogs are not so well behaved after all. One of them, in fact, is a chewer. One of the first victims is pictured above. I was going to just chuck it, and then thought that perhaps I'll just remake it. How hard can it be? So, let's call it a WIP right now.

Now that the raincoat is finished, I'm feeling a bit unorganized, but finally just impulsively bought a new sewing toy. Something I've been wanting for awhile. I'll reveal it later, but it has prompted a massive reorganization and clean out of what I call the "basement" part of our basement. It's the part with the cement floor and the storage shelves, but also the part that houses my cutting table and fabric stash among other things. It's been 3 years since the last big purge, and you know how these kinds of areas get. Well, let's just say that I'm not quite a candidate for Hoarders Anonymous, but it's pretty cluttered.

So furniture is being pushed around, garbage bags are being filled, the shredder could possibly be working overtime, and the Goodwill pile is growing. And while this is happening I've decided to tackle my UFO's, both sewing and non-sewing. My challenge to my self, that I'm putting out here in cyberspace, is to finish one a week in each category. Friday is going to become Finished Friday. Embarrassingly, more than a handful of my sewing UFOs are items destined for my Etsy shops. Non-sewing UFOs will mostly include some organizational projects, but right now I'm calling the basement studio a WIP. Good thing I'm allowed to make up my own rules!!

Look! Someone ate the painter's tape! It wasn't me!

Yep, I realize that now Friday is the day after tomorrow, so I'll cut myself some slack and pick a couple of super easy projects. Sadly, there are a few of those that just need a teeny bit of finishing and they'll be ready. Sheesh *slapping my forehead*! This, of course, does not mean that I won't be starting new projects, too. In fact, a new knitting project will be cast on tonight. Dog related, though not for one of my dogs. That's all I'm saying about that right now.


 Teddy, surrounded by his stash of approved toys. He's quite the hoarder.


  1. I once went shopping, came home with an outstanding new pricey Furla bag, new pricey Anne Klein sweater, tossed them on the bed, left for a date. When i came home, Magnolia, our wonderful, generally very well-behaved Lab, had chewed them both. They could not be worn. They could not be repaired. Fortunately, I had a sense of humor about it, though I did scold her gently. She never chewed again.

    So there is hope for you! Take heart.

  2. Oh no! I've been there done that with a chewer. Thankfully, she's outgrown it - one king-size comforter and one quilt later. Plus a few flip-flops and other assorted odds and ends my sons left laying around. Taught them not to, though. ;-)

  3. In our house it was shoes that suffered from the puppy teeth. Not just any shoes, mind you - only my expensive designer shoes. Luckily the chewing phase did not last long. Then, when it seemed that all was safe for a number of years running - there was the wedding dress. Yup! A wedding dress that came in for alterations, left on the bed in the guest room, door closed tight. In the morning, there was the culprit lying on the bed with bits of netting hanging off his lip. I thought I would die. Phoned the bride's mother. She laughed. "You can fix it." - was her response. I fixed it. Patched netting, embroidered, beaded. Took hours and hours. The cleaners never guessed when the dress went in for a clean after such a fiasco. The bride never guessed. Something I would never ever care to repeat. If only I could get an answer to why. Why that particular dress?

  4. I had such a giggle at the title of your post - love it! Shame about the tailors ham though - I'm sure you will be able to remake it.

  5. Good thing they are just so darn cute!

  6. Good luck with your re-organizing. Your raincoat in your last post is terrific. Nice sewing!

  7. Someone really had a good time with that tailor's ham! My last puppy ate through the rung of a chair. The puppy's mother had eaten up one of my handmade quilts during her adolescence. They do seem to have a sixth sense about what is valuable to you!?

  8. What kind of dog is this Teddy? He is adorable! Thanks.



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