Friday, December 3, 2010

List Making Season

Did you hear? It's the Holiday Season! And if you don't do it any other time of year, this is the time that making lists seems to be the most important! Full disclosure: while I'd love to be all inclusive, I celebrate Christmas, so this post will be skewed toward that point of view. Simply substitute Christmas with the holiday that you celebrate.

So, back to the lists. There are Christmas card address lists that will need updating, gift lists, wish lists, menus and grocery lists galore. Calendars that need updating with parties and events. So much to do! And I have not even made the first list yet... but I can't say I haven't been warned:

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  1. Even though I know those lists keep my on track I have put them off this year because just seeing all of that stuff to buy and do feels disheartening to me somehow. I was raised by my great-aunt Margaret and her tenth death anniversary is today the 4th. That loss is keener this year for some reason. But you know, she always had a very organized Christmas and getting on track might be just what perks me up. Thanks for reminding me to make those lists!



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