Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Singing in the Rain

First, a health update for Kyle. My cranky toddler 20 year old is MUCH better and has several asthma fighting drugs on board. Also discovered that he has an ear infection. Fun.

Now for the real fun! The rain coat is finished and I love 90% of this Amy Butler Rainy Days raincoat pattern. Everything except the sleeves which are apparently drafted for stick people. Laura is thin, and the sleeves are too snug for her. I made the medium which is actually bigger than her measurements. She's between a small and a medium, so I went up, thinking she would get enough ease to wear actual clothes under her coat. No. So, I've brought it home to rip out the hems on the sleeve and bottom and hopefully there's enough seam allowance to get a little extra room. I'm strongly considering adding a gusset to the underarm area for a bit extra room as well. But don't you want to see it? How about a video?

And some stills:

And by the way, for readers of my blog, if you use the coupon code SEWINGBLOG15 you will get 15% off either of my shops, Jenna Belle Designs or Down the Street Creations.


  1. Laura looks great in her new custom made raincoat. It's great that your son is better.

  2. Ear infection, oh no. I had one once as an adult, so I know how babies feel with that. The rain coat is beautiful. Did you use a water repellent on it?

  3. This coat is beautiful- such nice topstitching and the fabric choice looks like it will go with lots of things. Your sister is very lucky! You should definitely make one for yourself. Thanks for the tip about the sleeves.

  4. Cute coat. Too bad the sleeves are too snug, which is definitely one thing you do not want in a coat! Glaod to hear your son is on the mend.

  5. The coat is adorable....which length did you make?



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