Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Interfacing for the Lady Grey

I have used 4 different kinds of interfacing for the Lady Grey, plus sleeve heads. And what are they? Well, 2 kinds of hair canvas. The one on the side piece is just regular hair canvas that I bought at G Street Fabrics in Maryland. Unfortunately, it was only half as wide as I thought it would be, and I didn't have enough. So for the front piece, I ordered what turned out to be Pro-Tailor Fusible Hair Canvas from Fashion Sewing Supply.
Well, I knew I was ordering the hair canvas, but the fusible part turned out to be the surprise part.

Never mind though, instructions came with the fusible hair canvas, and I just went with it. As you can see, the lower sleeve part has yet another interfacing, and this one is Pellon 860F Ultra-weft. Also fusible. Seems pretty good, and is loosely woven.

Do you see the cute pink polka dot pocket? Polyester charmeuse. The back stay is the regular hair canvas. And I'm not sure it shows up, but the back hem is interfaced with pro-sheer elegance fusible interfacing, which is a very lightweight knit interfacing. Seemed like a good idea. I'll let you know when I get to the hemming part.

And I used a sleeve head to support the sleeve cap and to help with the easing. The sleeves went in pretty easily with only one pucker that I had to fix.

And then on to the pad stitching for the collar. I had enough regular hair canvas, so used that. One of the problems I had with the collar was that as you stitch, the canvas can get pulled and bunched, and then doesn't go to the edges like it should. If you hold it with pins (which I did) you get repeatedly stuck. Ouch! My solution:

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  1. my goodness, this coat is going to be fantabulous ( a new word I made up to describe things that are too wonderful for any current words)!!!



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