Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Mondo Top -- Vogue 8151

If you watched Project Runway this past season, then you must remember the Jackie Kennedy challenge, and Mondo's tee and skirt outfit that won.

From the moment I saw it, I knew I wanted my very own Mondo top! How do you feel about knock-offs? I feel like, it's ok, if you're making it for your own use. It's not like I'm going to make lots of them and sell them. I also feel like home sewistas are often inspired by designers and RTW fashions. How many times have you seen something in a store, and said "I can make that"?!

Anyway, I already had Vogue 8151, and with just a couple of modifications, I had made myself a Mondo top.
I used a Michael Miller cotton interlock knit from which is super soft, with a nice, beefy weight. These knits shrink quite a bit, so be sure to prewash if you purchase any. The sleeve on this pattern is already 3/4 length, so I just determined where I wanted to cut it, and added seam allowance to the cut. I did shorten the length by an inch.

I also made the neckline more of a boatneck, though it could have be made even more so, and I didn't use the neckband in the pattern. I simply serged the neck edge, and folded it over 5/8". I was worried about matching the stripes just a bit with the dart, but didn't have any problems.

I'm not the only one who wanted a top like this! Laura wanted one, too, and I made her one in black and white. I lengthened the body an inch for her and left the sleeve length alone. I also made her one size smaller (the "B" size). I haven't sent it to her yet, so fingers crossed that it fits.


  1. Fantastic I love the way you have played with the stripes.

  2. Fabulous top - I LOVE those stripes!

  3. Loved it on PR and love it on you!!!!

  4. yay! Mondo rocks! Great inspirations! You can even do this again with more Mondo color pairings like lime green and pink =-)

  5. Very cool!! I made this top too from the same black/white fabric, but used a Burda pattern. It's such a great style!

  6. I love it! May I ask what pattern you used?

  7. Just wanted to let you know that we liked your top so much that we posted a link from the Vogue Patterns facebook page.



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