Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't Mess with Lady Grey!

Seriously! [editor's note: that is NOT Lady Grey in the picture, but clearly must be her protector!]

[Saturday, Kyle, Roland and I went skeet shooting. Beautiful fall weather, fun company and well, not much success on my part of hitting those orange flying saucer-like "skeets".  Never mind that, what about the sewing?!!]

It almost looks like a coat!

Sleeves will be added tomorrow! And the lining is all cut out. Looking back at Gertie's tutorials (click on the sidebar sew along icon to see them), there will be more pad stitching with the collar before the lining is tackled though. Check out a close up of the pad stitching on the lapel:

I've got lots more projects lined up to start right after the coat is finished (and maybe worked in even before it's finished). Some of them will be Christmas gifts, so they won't be revealed until later.


  1. I must say that I am truly jealous of your pad stitching. I just could not get it right. So after two days of fiddling around with it I had to tack in a heaver interfacing to give me the structure I was looking for the lapel. That's cheating- I know - but I really needed to move on with this thing.

    Did you use hair canvas in yours?

  2. Your pad stitching looks so impressive! And the skeet shooting sounds like fun. My husband would be appalled but I have always wanted to learn to shoot. But not animals. Plastic discs sound perfect!



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