Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ta Da!!

OK, admit it. That last post was just so boring informative, you could hardly stand it! And by the title, you're thinking... She has finally finished that darn Lady Grey coat, and we can move on from those boring informative posts and read about something else.

But you would be wrong.

I've done this! Made a ball of yarn from a hank of yarn. Oh no, you're thinking that now she's gone and done something really boring  exciting now! Yet it seems I have become instantly addicted to an age old pasttime that I previously thought I had absolutely no interest in. So I bought a knitting book (more on that later), ordered some yarn from (where else?), and the sticks have been clicking! (Well, you had some foreshadowing of this event with that scarf I showed you, right?) Look how pretty:

Yes, I know that's the back side (the purl side for you yarn enthusiasts... see, I know what I'm talking about). I just love the way it looks.

Oh. And I FINALLY finished the pad stitching on my Lady Grey collar. Could it have taken ANY longer?


  1. Love the nice neat even purled rows of your knitting. Love the colors!

  2. I just started knitting this week. No purling yet.

    Love the colors!

  3. I once had a sweater (I didn't make it) that used the purl side as the outside. It was called reverse stockinette stitch and I really like the sweater so much that I wore it to bits.



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