Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lady Grey is So Finished!

Do I look happy? Well, I am! On Sunday, I was actually kind of hating this coat. Sewing fatigue, maybe? But I did something really simple, and it totally changed the look and the way I felt about it. What is it you ask? I simply topstitched around the entire front edge, lapels and collar. That's it. You see, I hadn't done any topstitching, but this left the front edge and lapels weirdly poofy and no amount of ironing was going to tame them. I had even understitched the facing up to the lapels and around the neckline. But, no. Anyway, it's done and I've blogged a lot about alterations and muslins and the process, so today, just a few observations and some more pictures.

Gratuitous gorgeous sunny fall day picture. Too sunny really to get good pictures.

 I'm happy with the fit for the most part. And enjoyed the tailoring process.

There is still that wrinkle across the back, in spite of the sway back adjustment. Oh well. I'll live.

Hard to see in the picture, but each belt loop has four lines of topstitching. The first two were kind of uneven and I was too lazy to make new ones, so I added 2 more lines of stitching and I kind of like the effect.

I added those really big snaps instead of buttons and I love them! With the giant belt loops on the back, I'll always wear the belt, so the button would be hidden anyway. I'll save the 3 I bought for another project.

The biggest flaws in the sewing are on the inside and it's pretty much a hot mess. Puckery princess seams, wonky hem, sleeve lining was too short,and I just added another band of lining.

And the lining is Hot! It's Pink! It says "Look at ME!" Oh well, again, I'll live. Most of the time, curious onlookers will only see a glimpse anyway.

And that's it! Curious about more of these posts?
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And I think that's it. How about some more pictures!


  1. Elle I think your coat is P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!! Rather than say it looks like RTW, I'll say it looks right out of the store. You mentioned some wrinkling across the back even though you made the full bust adjustment - but I really think the wrinkling there is caused when you pull the belt around your waists. I noticed the same effects with my coat. No wrinkles w/o the belt; wrinkles with the belt. I know what you experienced in making this garment, I've been through the same thing. I think your coat looks great, just like the one on the Colette blog. Enjoy it and maybe one day soon I'll join you.

  2. Oh...

    that is, without a doubt, one of the nicest pieces you have shared here. I am in awe. It's lovely, and the style is extremely flattering on you.

  3. Congratulations on finishing another project. It looks great! I especially love the fun lining!

  4. This may be one of the best I've seen yet! It looks really nice. Congrats on finishing!

  5. Wooohooo! You are finished and even though it took a while and gave you fits at times, it is totally worth it! I see no imperfections anywhere. I love the hot pink lining!!! You are going to be the hottest warm and cozy Atlantan this winter!!!!!

  6. Perfectly awesome Elle! Both you and the coat :D!

  7. Wow! The coat is truly fabulous! I love the lining fabric as well! Great job and it looks stunning on you!!

  8. Very, very nice. You did a fantastic job on that coat! Wear it and love it!

  9. Your coat looks truly fabulous. I love the lining and you have done a wonderful job with the construction. Enjoy wearing it!

  10. Your coat turned out beautiful!

  11. I like your hot pink lining. Congrats on finishing your coat - just in time for cold weather :)

  12. wowo this is SO flattering on you! Fatastic job and worth all your hard work!

  13. Looks great! And love your description, especially of how the inside looks like a hot mess. LOL

  14. I know this is a really late comment, but I'm exploring your blog (enjoying it so much!) and just have to say that that is a gorgeous coat. Best Lady Grey I've seen so far.



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