Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Thought It Was June

I was going to do my first Me Made June post, and daughter, Laura and I took some pictures, and upon uploading, well, that's when I discovered that it is actually still May. So, I'll show you the top I finished last week with some commentary. It's not one that will get heavy rotation so you won't get bored.

Yep, we've had a hard couple of days around here with some incredibly sad news, and you'll have to forgive me if my brains are scattered. Frankly, I'm pleased that I still kind of know how to type, but this is a welcome distraction.

This top, McCalls 5661, has been cut out for awhile, but I finally got around to it. It's the first Palmer/Pletsch pattern I've made, and it's "The Perfect Fit Top". The instructions are fantastic, complete with fitting instructions. Lines for making alterations are printed on the tissue. Sprinkled throughout are "Fit Tips" and "Quick Tips" (which are sewing tips). I decided to glam up the hem, and for the record, my top was already cut out when Gertie posted about the scalloped day dress.

I will most likely not wear it with this skirt, but I wanted you to be able to see the hem. And it fits amazingly well, Except for one teeny little annoying problem.
I followed the sway back alteration lines to a t, and when doing the tissue fitting, all seemed well. When doing the pin fitting, all seemed well. But you can see that all is not well. The print is busy enough though, that I'm probably the only one that notices, and it feels kind of weird.

I do envision wearing this top with black trousers, and maybe a black cardigan (or an ivory one). But mostly, I made it to wear with this:
How about some belted options?
I even have a wider belt that mimics the black border, but forgot about it when I was taking the pictures.

For the inside facings, I ran into a wee little dilemma. First, here's a picture of how I had to redraw the facings, which I ultimately traced onto their own tissue. This is just the front facing.
Can you see the red line? On the front piece, I had lowered the neckline about an inch, and had to take a tuck at the armscye to make it lie flat. That raised the armpit portion of the armscye. The shoulders and upper bust are the size 12, and then I made my usual widening out to the 14 + to accommodate the tummy and hips.
Oops, not enough fabric to cut out the front facing. After making the scallops, I made a facing to match for the hem, and followed instructions from my Vogue Sewing Book.

Finally, a knitting tragedy to share, but not really a serious one in the scheme of things. Darn dog.


  1. That top is too cute to have done that, but glad you have the option of wearing it with the skirt. You look very, very nice.

  2. I get that puddling in mid-back as well - I think it's being emphasized in this top because the button placket is back there and is several layers. I've always been told that you a) need to remove some length at CB there and b) make sure it's not hanging up at the high hip in back either. The overall look is great, though, and I love the print on you. Very cute.

  3. Love, love, love the top! Those scallops are awesome.
    Just a thought - is there any way to make a dart at waist level in the back to take in that bit that's sticking out? It would be such a shame if you always hid those amazing scallops.

  4. wow that facing looks complicated! that bump IS weird! I have a swayback too, but my bump is always much lower than yours LOL

  5. I love the top - the fabric is fabulous and I love the scalloped hem - it does look glamorous!

  6. It looks really pretty! Most people have worse fit problems than that when wear mass-produced clothes so I wouldn't fret over it too much. I'm convinced sewists become hyper sensitive to fit issues that wouldn't bother anyone else :)

  7. Oh bummer! I hate that excess in the back.

    I like the top--it's pretty--and bought the pattern when I saw you working on yours. Hope you don't mind a copy cat!

  8. The scalloped edge is gorgeous, and the fabric....WOW!
    I totally love the outfit with the matching skirt.

    My favourite is the natural waist belt, but an outfit like this looks just as good on it's own too.

    I'm relatively new to sewing, so fixing a swayback sounds a bit daunting with all the finishing facings you have on the inside. Is it really possible to alter it with darts and replicate the darts on the inside too? Or how do you fix the problem, other than putting in fasteners as I usually have to resort to?

  9. Atchison loves yarn. He finds it an impossible lure to resist.

  10. Hello! I found you through Sewing Pattern Review; I was looking for reviews on McCall's 5661... thanks so much for your pics and review, and I look forward to digging further into your blog and following you in the future! ~ Jess



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