Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Refashion: But is it Better?

Normally, things don't get refashioned so quickly, but you may remember this:
I made it in May, and wore it officially the first time in June on our vacation. The whole time I wore it though, I just felt silly. Like I was wearing either a maternity top, or one that just felt too elementary school. I think a 9 year old would look adorable in this. Not sure if it's the style or the fabric or a combination of the two, but I just wasn't feeling it.

A remake was in order, and I knew just what I was going to do. A Frankenpattern combining the Claire cami for the bodice and McCalls 5522.

OK, we're friends, right. I'm only showing you this because I like you. So, be nice. Anyway, I know what the problem is. The top to just below the casing is where I cut it off, and that part of the Claire cami is longer than the McCalls top, and I didn't take that into account, so the fit is off. But I'm not going to go back and change anything. Nope, third time will not be the charm.
There's a serious buttoning issue. It's pulling for one thing, and for another, I can't comfortably button the bottom button. Now, I'm kinda working on that issue, but for the time being it now doesn't really fit. When we got ready to go out to lunch yesterday, Kyle gave me the look of horror, as in "mom, what are you wearing?!! and will I be seen with you?"

So I decided to try to "style" it another way. How about as a vest?
Um. No. Ok, it does address the buttoning issue, but for one, the necklines don't work. As a vest, the neckline is really all wrong. Kyle gave me another thumbs down, and I changed. One of the sewing bloggers has a "magic closet" (I can't remember who, if you know, please let me know... it's a great name for it) and I'm going to let this live in the magic closet for awhile. Either I'll lose some weight and revisit wearing this, or hmmm, maybe it will fit Laura.


  1. Debbie Cook also uses the magic closet. I love the prints, I just bought the pattern after seeing Patty (Snug Bugs) sucessful dress versions. I've also been watching Kay on Sewing with Nancy. g

  2. I like the refashion, besides the snug button. It is cute and the only problem I see is the dark blue shorts read a little too serious for the top.

  3. hey sweetaheart, you gave it a shot, eh, so no one can say you didn't haha. I always had an idea about using criss-crossed lacing like a corset back, to close something with a fitting problem exactly as this one. Then wear a cami underneath it where it's open. and it would be cute...replace the buttons with grommets....



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