Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flowers for Jasmine

Thanks for indulging in a little craziness!! I have Juanita Weasel on the "lock screen" on my phone and everytime I turn it back on, she makes me jump just a little, but I love her anyway!

But, back to the sewing... I made my second Colette Patterns Jasmine top last week, and gave it the debut wear today after enduring a little cold snap the last few days.

I made a few changes this time around. The sleeves are the most obvious. I used the cap sleeve pattern piece from Butterick 5328, and instead of just easing it in, I made a little inverted pleat at the shoulder seam.

The fabric is a print design from Anna Maria Horner, a voile, that I think I bought at, and I didn't want the center seam. The floral print is in a line at a 30 degree angle from vertical, and after cutting it on the bias it's now at a kind of unfortunate angle that looks like I just didn't cut it straight, but, well, it doesn't bother me. Anyway, I cut it on the fold, and added vertical darts in the front and the back to give it a better fit.

I just wanted to show you that the center of the flowers match this skirt perfectly, and I'm not really color blind or anything.

I made the collar just a teeny bit wider, and the neckline just a bit lower.
I like it with the bow untied, too. So, the next time (and there WILL be a next time), I need to make it just a bit snugger around the waist. You obviously can't see in the pictures, but it kind of does this weird flip out thing at the hem. I'd also make the collar even wider in the back and around the shoulders, tapering back to the current width for the tie. Or I'll just leave the collar off. I'm thinking boat neck. Maybe sleeveless.

I'm working on a vintage Vogue right now, and I'm too lazy to go check to see which one. You'll just have to be surprised! :D


  1. really like the top. Love the material and it goes so well with the skirt. Nice outfit.

  2. I like this top. I do like you, I find a small color within several and pair that color with a solid. My DH thinks I am nuts for doing that; I think he is the nut! Why not bring the non-dominant color out.

  3. What a lovely little blouse!

  4. I am totally loving this colour combination.



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