Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's Me Made May Time!

Before I show what "me made" thing I'm wearing today, I just want to let you know that I'm not planning a daily "here's what I'm wearing" complete post. Only if I'm wearing something brand spanking new. That I haven't blogged about before. On the days that I'm wearing older stuff, I'll just post a picture and a link to the original post. I might even show 2 or 3 days of those kinds of outfits at a time. So, with all that in mind, Happy May Day!

Day 1

White blouse: Chico's
Linen Wrap Skirt (ties attached): Colette Crepe (skirt only)
Shoes: Land's End espadrilles 
If you were hoping for just a picture today, nope! Well, you have seen that skirt before, but it was part of this dress, made with Colette Patterns Crepe. Which, in spite of a handful of positive comments, I positively hated. Especially the way it made my shoulders look. I wore it once, washed it, and left it in a heap in the ironing basket (it's linen).

Two nights ago, I spent about two hours separating skirt from bodice (there were 3 lines of stitching. Go figure. Yesterday, I made a 1-1/2" wide waistband (3" interfaced and folded over), attached it to the skirt, slipped the long ties into the ends of the waistband, and stitched them securely.

I like the wrap to open in the front as well, so turned it around from the original "open in the back" way of the dress.

This blue linen will go with so many tops I have, so you'll be sure to see it again this month!


  1. Cute remix/remake of you colette project.

  2. What a great idea! You look so fresh and ready for spring!

  3. You look nice and springy in your outfit.

  4. I love it!! This definitely makes a great skirt!

  5. What a lovely skirt your dress turned into! A navy skirt is such a good basic in any season. You look wonderful! And I do look forward to seeing your daily looks. (I chickened out once again.)

  6. Great save! It is such a perfect blue for combining with other colours Spring/Summer.



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