Saturday, May 5, 2012

Did You Hear the Sewaholic News?

I bet you did! But if you missed it, Tasia, of Sewaholic fame, has introduced her next pattern, the Cambie dress. I was one of her pattern testers. This was my first experience at pattern testing, and right off the bat I'd like to say how fun it was, and how professional Tasia is in all her communication with the testing group.

But back to my dress! A couple of you in the Me Made May flickr group guessed the pattern from my sneak peak yesterday (since it was my outfit for Day 4). And here ya go:
I made the full skirted version from some Amy Butler twill I had in my stash from one or two years ago. Chevrons seem to be really "in" these days, even though this isn't my favorite fabric. I'm also wearing a skinny belt, which after looking at the picture I think I could (should?) do without. There is a separate waistband (a feature I love)... it isn't just bodice attached to skirt.

More details?
Without the belt. Let's see... I made the bodice in a size 10 with some alterations, mostly addressing what I thought was a sway back, but which seems to be turning out to be more of an upper back issue. I also discovered that angling the side seam straight out from a 10 to a 14 did weird things to the bustline, and have a better fitting, if curvier, side seam that fits snug to my shape. The skirt is a straight size 14, though I may have played around with the length (as in, I can't remember if I lengthened it, or shortened it, but this is not the length of the skirt pattern piece.
 I also played around with the straps, though the front strap is pretty true to the pattern, just placed closer to the center to completely cover my bra strap.
The back cap sleeve part looked really strange on my (though I'm not sure I really made it better.

Initially, I feared that this pattern might be too youthful, but I think I'm pulling it off. I think it can be a very versatile pattern, and would even be wonderful as a bridemaid's dress for many body types. The sweetheart neckline gives it a strapless feel, but (duh) there are straps, which some girls prefer (that was an issue with my daughter's bridesmaids).

Just for fun, I made the other version, but without the bodice, so it's, well, again, duh, an a-line skirt. For which I have absolutely zero pictures. I'm planning to wear it next week though, so stay tuned for that.

A parting (candid) shot. And I love it with the flats I wore yesterday, better than the heels I had on in the brick wall pic. Oh, and one other thought... this dress is completely lined. And that made it really hot and sweaty yesterday. It was in the mid-80s and quite muggy. I'm sorry, but it's true. Cotton sundresses in Atlanta... awesome. Lined, cotton sundresses in Atlanta... not as great.


  1. Nice! Very cool that you could use your stash fabric to make Cambie.

  2. What a great dress for Summer, on of my favorites so far!

  3. Your dress is so pretty, and I love all the pics. Did you find that it ran true to size? I

    I have yet to make that version-I did the A-line version twice. It's a wonderful pattern and I have received tons of compliments. (always pleasant)

  4. Very pretty!! You did an great job and the dress and fabric suits you nicely!



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