Thursday, May 31, 2012

The End of Me Made May Fun

Geez, the month of May is over. Not sure how I've let the last week slip away unblogged, heehee, but there ya go. Not sure if it was Me Made May fatigue, the kitchen project (updated pictures here), or the fact that we went to Tennessee for the Memorial Day weekend.

On the plus side, I did wear something I made every single day in May. This past week, when the house was crawling with workers, I just wasn't up for picture taking. OK, I did take a picture on Tuesday:
My Jasmine (Colette Patterns) top. This has to be the most complimented thing I've made. I think every time I wear it someone comments on it. I took the picture mostly to see how it looked (and how I look) in these somewhat trendy-ish skinny jean capris. Not too bad from this angle.

Also, I think I pledged to make 4 new things, so let's see. Changed my Crepe dress into a crepe skirt. The Cambie dress (not officially made in May). A vintage ponte knit dress that is actually still kind of unfinished (oops). A pair of shorts that have not yet been blogged about, and I'm really excited about. Can I just say perfect fit?!! (They have been worn, just not pictured yet.) Oh, and a cover for my iPad (still unblogged, and it is SO cute)! Not actually 4 complete things, but I'm still happy with the end result of my May "production".

OK, enough words. Let's have some photos. After my photo "sessions", I often do some silly pictures. I use the self timer, so when the little red light starts flashing fast, the jumping and silliness begins. Wait. That's more words. Here come the outtakes...

Let the June fun begin!!


  1. I do so love your Jasmine Elle! I've finally got a well fitting Jasmine muslin, so one for myself has moved up on the queue :D

    Love the silly pics so much --- you are so dang cute girlie :D!

  2. Your Jasmine is lovely - I can see why you get so many comments about it! And the kitchen project looks like it's coming along nicely. Love the big windows!

  3. I agree! The jasmin looks great with diagonal stripes! Great month of outfits.

  4. Great job and funny flying pics!



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