Monday, May 21, 2012

The Kitchen Project: Officially Starting

Well, friends, I know this is mostly a sewing blog, but I have been totally preoccupied with the Kitchen Project. I'm still doing Me Made May, though Saturday, I bailed on the picture of me. Wore my purple yoga skirt, for what it's worth. I basically spent the weekend moving everything out of the kitchen, down to the basement kitchen (which yes, I am really grateful to have... still). I had been working on the packing up, little by little, but the drop dead everything had to be out of the kitchen date was today. The final drawer, the biggest desk drawer filled with pencils, pens, and assorted other random flotsam, was unceremoniously dumped into a grocery bag.

Enough with the talk though, let's see some before pictures.
Breakfast nook (view from the great room)

view from breakfast nook

Laundry Room

view from Laundry Room/Garage entry

view from the dining room

Breakfast Nook (view from the kitchen)
This kitchen is basically being gutted and we're starting over. One of the changes I'm most excited about is the removal of that awkward pole. I will update as appropriate, and I've got a "Kitchen Project" set of pictures that I'll be adding to on flickr. I'm happy to answer any questions about this, too. If you ask them in the comments, I can reply in the comments, so please check back for the answer. Also, if there's anything you'd like me to write a post about concerning the whole remodeling process, leave me a comment for that, too.

And never fear, there is some sewing as I have some really cute (I hope) shorts that I've almost finished. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Such a huge undertaking! I wish you calm and serenity as you go through the chaos.

  2. Hi :) I am new to your blog :) I LIKE IT :) I was led here through...STITCHES and SEAMS I think??? Keep blogging :) I have sewn since I was SIX :) I do it now for a living :) YAY!!!! Ok-I ADMIT, I am NOT going to become a HIGH income girl, but I am a HAPPY...low to middle income girl :) :) BEST WISHES on your renovations :) BREATH DEEPLY and REMAIN CALM, it WILL be alright :) EVENTUALLY :)



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