Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Name is Ellen and I'm a Sewaholic.

This post has SO much to cover and I'm sorry it's on a Saturday when, according to my stats, y'all just don't read blogs. Well, be that as it may... let's start with the mini photo challenge for Me Made May. An ugly place. Sad, but I didn't really leave my house yesterday, so I went trolling for said "ugly place" in my house. Found one.
Eeeps, please tell me you have a closet like this in your home. See that red bag in the lower right hand corner? I made that, oh, 20 years ago for Laura (you can see the "L", right?) to haul around her little girl stuff. It probably still has little girl stuff in it, I didn't check. Let's take a better look at my outfit though, and I'll tell you what I'm wearing.
Top: Sewaholic Renfrew Blue
Skirt: Sewaholic Crescent skirt... new!
OK, the new crescent skirt had some alterations, but this is my 2nd one for me, so I'll just direct you to the post for the first one, since I used the same traced pattern pieces. I've lost  misplaced the envelope, but I could probably guess that it says not suitable for plaids. Pshaw, I say! Well, not really, but I did try to make it work. You can see they kinda sorta match along the side seam, and if my hand wasn't in the pocket, you would see that the pocket (which I had to piece because of a fabric shortage), also kinda sorta matches. Where the trouble comes is in the yoke. Exhibit 1:
The curved seams in the side fronts and backs are just NOT going to match completely. No way, no how. But I can live with it, and I'm mostly going to wear my shirt untucked, so there you have it.

Let's just get today's outfit(s) out of the way, too. I'll call this:

Day 12

Did I mention we're about to renovate our kitchen? I think I did. Anyway, it's got to be emptied, and this morning my job was the pantry. After breakfast, I just got right to it, and, guess what? My pj's are "me made" (well the pants anyway).
Look. Empty pantry. Hmmm, don't think I'd brushed my hair yet. Those pjs are mostly self-drafted. You'll be happy to know that just before lunch I managed to shower and get dressed for, you know, possible lounging around on a Saturday afternoon. Or more likely, emptying a couple more cabinets at least.

The dogs let me squeeze in between them for this picture of me in my 2nd Renfrew and the denim mini skirt I wore on day 5.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. I really like he plaid skirt! I am used to RTW plaid, so I don't have high expectations about everything lining up just so.
    Have a great Mother's day!

  2. The jammies are so cute. Love the pups!

  3. I love your ugly closet photo. At least it's just the closet. I wouldn't worry about plaids not matching, a non-sewer wouldn't even notice.

    Enjoy your Mother's Day!

  4. I do like the Crescent skirt in plaid!

  5. What a hilarious MMM post. You look really good in all your self-made items. You are so funny. Why does it seem as though I've know you for a long,long time???

  6. Hi Ellen: I have spaces just like your closet, I'm just to vain to photograph them and post them. However, I'm finding more courage all the time visting my sewing friends on blogspot.
    granddivasews.blogspot,com and



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