Thursday, May 17, 2012

Frozen English Muffins

These Me Made May posts can get, well, honestly, a little dull. This is what I wore today, yada, yada, yada. Today, I thought I'd start with a little story. You know (or really, you should because I think I've mentioned it) that we're about to remodel our kitchen. Before the contractors start their magic though, we're required to empty everything out, and pack it up. We won't be using our main refrigerator since we have a back up in the basement.

In order to go down from two fridges to one, that means some cleaning out. Yeah, the frozen chicken drumsticks dated 2005 had to go. Straight to the trash. But the frozen English muffins from a couple of years ago? Well, someone might be able to eat those, right? Someone furry or feathery that lives outside? Hubby Roland would think I was crazy (well, he might anyway), so while he was getting dressed this morning, I went out to fling the frozen hockey puck-like muffins into an inconspicuous area near the driveway. It has to be the front yard because I don't want my own doggies to eat them.

So, I quietly fling and get the job done. Alas, the bathroom blinds were not closed, and as he was crossing the bathroom, he noticed odd white objects flying onto the upper "pasture". Totally a WTH moment for him. He's hoping the critters aren't on a low carb diet, and thankfully, it was warm enough (upper 70sF) that no squirrel would chip a tooth on a muffin and sue us. 

Day 14 (Monday)

Top: Butterick 5328
Shorts: Kwik Sew 3614
 I have a love-hate relationship with this top, and I think the hate is winning out. The gapping drove me crazy, so I deployed the safety pin, but this may be the last wearing.

Day 15 (Tuesday)

Top: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Sewaholic Crescent Skirt

Day 16 (Wednesday)

A better look at what I wore yesterday:
Top: Renfrew Pink
Skirt: Half a Crepe Wrap First seen on Day 1

Day 17 (today)

Top: Vogue 8536
Skirt: Denim "half a Crepe" worn on Day 7
I've worn this top a lot, and sadly, it has shrunk in length, so tucking was really my only option, but I think it looks ok.

Finally, wanna see the English muffins? Some of them have been eaten.


  1. I always toss bread "remains" for the birds. (I have an enclosed raspberry patch where they go, so that pooch doesn't get at them.) Not that long ago there was a half a baguette that had gone rock hard. I tossed the whole piece. Shortly after, a crow (I think) was flying out of there with this ridiculously large loaf in its beak. It looked so funny. Yes, those birdies do appreciate the hand-outs. Don't know if it's good for them.

  2. funny story! thanks for the smile



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