Monday, June 4, 2012

A iPad Cover and A Belt

Oooh, catchy title. But that's what this is about. The iPad cover is a kind of utilitarian sewing that can be very satisfying. For starters, it was almost free. No pattern needed, so free there. Batting, fabric and thread that I already had. Almost free, because, well, I did have to pay for it once upon a time. Plus, it's custom! That might actually be obvious since I made up the pattern myself. I added a little pocket on the front for my phone.

Oh, the button and the cording also from the stash. I turned it partially inside out so you can see the cute lining. From an Alexander Henry line. It's probably named something better than just "Owls", but that's what they are:

And the belt? I've been wanting to try my hand at belt making for awhile, and I'm making a vintage dress to wear for a wedding this weekend (more on the dress later) that cried out for a belt. OK, it was in the pattern, but still. I bought a belt making kit from the Fashionable Stitch, read all Sunni's tips on her blog, and went to work.

My fabric is voile, so I added a second layer of some super thin cotton that I found in my interfacing bin. What? You don't have random bits of stuff of unknown origin hanging around your sewing room? This mystery cotton could be vintage itself!

My buckle covering skills are suspect, but practice would definitely help. Unfortunately, there's no good way to practice, so while my results aren't great, they'll have to do. Covering the belting was easier, and I used this method of machine sewing. Using a thin fabric, albeit double layered, probably aided in it being easier. A thicker fabric might work better doing the hand sewing method.

I ended up not using the eyelets or the center bar, which proved really hard to pinch with pliers, and there was possibly some impatience that played into it as well. Anyway, wanna see? I have it on my dress form, over a red, as yet unrevealed (and still unfinished actually), dress:

Thus end-eth tonight's show and tell. Have a good night, y'all!

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