Thursday, February 7, 2013

What Do You Sleep In?

Me? My favorite thing to sleep in is a short, cotton nightgown. I've been sleeping in some version of this as long as I can remember. Sure, pjs come and go, and the long, flannel nightgown has had it's day, but night in and night out, this is what I grab. I'll add some comfy pj pants if it's cold out.

And one other thing... I'll sleep in the same gown until it's almost threadbare.

Why am I confessing this? Because my current go-to gown was purchased probably about 10 years ago. It's time for a new one. And I decided to make one after making an impulsive purchase at a fabric sale right before Christmas. A children's design, Monsterz by Cloud 9 Organic Fabrics, no less... what else am I going to make with it, I ask you?

The Pattern (still available in my shop):

I made view 3, with only one pocket. And one change. I added 4" of width to both the front and the back. If I make it again, I'll eliminate the opening in the back, as the neckline is plenty wide enough to just pull on over my head. I didn't change the length, but it hits just about mid-thigh on me. I used contrasting orange thread for all the decorative top-stitching.

A quick and easy way to add extra width to a pattern when you're tracing:

This may or may not be an ongoing thing, but I decided to "grade" my project, in a Home-Ec kind of way, so here you go:
   Sewing Skills: B
   Creativity: A

And the final result, details first, (which I slept in last night... giving it a big thumbs up for comfort... no twisting at all):
Back closure: snaps for baby clothes I had in my stash.
Pocket, with rick-rack and decorative stitching. Hem with also with a decorative stitch.

Yoke, with rick-rack and decorative stitch around neckline.
The end result!


  1. For years I slept in shorty gowns; in fact, I have that same pattern - well used. Now I prefer an over-sized T shirt - like a 1X or 2X. In the cooler weather, I get up and put on a pair of flannel pj pants to go downstairs for coffee. In the summer, I give up pj pants for cotton shorts.

  2. What do I sleep in? You don't really want to know. Right now it's a soft, comfy oversized tee. I'm with Linda T the 2X is the best. I really need to do something about this.

  3. What a really cute nightgown. As a teenager I wore long gowns during the colder months and something similar to your one when it was warmer but as I've gotten older I much prefer pj's. 3/4 cotton pants and cami top in summer and flanelette long pants with a long sleeve knit top in winter.



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