Saturday, February 6, 2010

Handmade Treasures

Every so often I want to do a little show and tell about some of the handmade treasures that I have in my house. These are the things that really have some meaning in my life, and I just want to show off the talent. This little series will not be about the treasures that I've made, but those made by others, some I know personally, and some not.

First up is something I received in high school. I was a member of the W.T. White Caballeras, the high school drill team. If you're from Texas, then you know the kind of drill team I'm talking about. Unlike dance teams in schools today, we marched and performed routines with the marching band accompanying us. No canned music here. I was on the drill team for two years, and it was a highlight of  high school for me.

My handmade treasure is made by the loving hands of an unknown drill team mom. There was a Mother's Club, and I suspect more than one mom contributed to the production of these dolls, but I still have mine displayed on a shelf in my studio. The detail and accuracy is amazing. Meet Barbie, WTW Caballera extraordinaire:

I don't know if she had a hat.

Our hair couldn't be touching the star on the back of our vests.

So accurate, down to the little scarf we tied around our necks. Below is a picture of me in my uniform for comparison.

There were about 80 of us. That's a lot of dolls!

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