Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sewing Tools

I've been frustrated lately from my lack of success in fitting the vintage patterns I recently bought. Yesterday, I did a tissue fitting of that hot pink muslin bodice that I wrote about. It's really hard to do that by yourself. So I'm stepping away from that project, and I'm going to tackle something a little less fitted. Unfortunately, I had almost used up my pattern grid interfacing stuff, so it was off to the art store.

After reading a post in Carisa's blog, Vintage Red about paper options, I went with what she's calling architect sketching paper.


 I don't know if you can read the label, but it says Elmers No. 100 Designer Series Parchment Tracing, 50 yds x 24 in. The guy at Binders Art Supply thoughtfully ignored the "please do not open" labels the paper department had on each roll to show me how the paper looked and felt.

I'm ready to start on this semi-fitted (thankfully) dress from a 1960s pattern. I've got a great knit jersey that's just waiting to be cut. I'm going to do the short sleeve version.

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