Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pin Fitting

I bit the bullet and cut out the fabric. I've never really been afraid of the cutting out, so I jumped right in. Following the instructions of my Fit for Real People book (by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto) the next step is pin fitting.


Some observations:
Pinned with the seams on the outside, a normally dumpy body looks... dumpier.

Pins are sharp. I pinned the front darts on the inside since that's where the markings are. Um. Ouch.

The shoulders still seem too wide, but I have to remember that the seam allowances are not being taken up. A thing to remember when I'm thinking that it is still choking me.

The shoulder seam adjustment... I don't like it, and will go back to the way it's originally drawn.

I won't really need the "just in case" extra, though I may use just a smidge.

Not sure what length I want. This is obviously unhemmed, but too long (I suppose that's a good thing as I'll need some extra length for hemming).

Also, there was something weird with the back yoke. Hard to explain, but maybe when I put the shoulder seam back where it's supposed to be it will be fixed. If not, I have another idea.

Cute socks. It was snowing outside.


  1. Looks like it has potential. I do not really sew so it is hard for me to visualize what the outcome will be. Cannot wait for the reveal!



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