Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where is Twiggy when you need her?

Well, I've almost finished my vintage 1960s pattern (Vogue 2006), and, as the pictures below will attest, Twiggy was not available for a photo shoot, so I had to stand in. The dress isn't hemmed yet, but that's all that's left. I just couldn't wait to do a "reveal". (Try not to mistake my glaringly white and veiny legs with the marble surrounding the fireplace!)


The arrow is pointing to Hem Choice #1. This one is just below my knee. As for the rest of the dress, I'm pretty happy with the fit. The top across my shoulders in front and back, fits really well. So let's look at it up close.
This pattern had an insane amount of handsewing. First, the whole thing is underlined, and since I've never done that, and have only made a handful of things with knit, I hand basted the underlining to EACH piece. Watching an instant movie on netflix while basting definitely helped pass the time. The instructions indicated that the facing should be understitched by hand. Um. No way. Sleeves were hemmed by hand. And all that saddle stitching detail. Also done by hand. I tried to keep it loose, but I can see that it does cause some puckers. I'm hoping when I wash it, that goes away. Oh, and the pockets. Almost entirely done by hand.


The arrows are pointing to even more saddle stitching which went done both sides of the side seam and may be contributing to the unsightly droop. I may try to redo that part, but won't guarantee it (meaning, I might just live with it).

Hem Choice #2:

Personally, I like it at this shorter length. Feel free to comment about that, but I'll pretty much ignore comments that like it longer (read, frumpier). Dare I say it... I think it might be cute even a little bit shorter with...  (Laura, stop reading now)  ...  leggings.

While not my favorite dress ever, I love the color, and it will be a good weekday outfit once it warms up here. And, hey, I was working in my pj's until noon today, so this is definitely an improvement over that kind of outfit!


  1. The shorter length is just about where I like my skirts. Congratulations on hanging in there with all that hand stitching. Nice work.

  2. Shorter definitely!
    I'm amazed by you just for making the dress. It's not the most glamorous dress but a good "day" piece.



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