Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Skirt.... Meh.

I made a skirt. "Meh" is how it makes me feel, but I will probably wear it a lot.

Things I love about it:
  • the dark wash, lightweight denim.
  • the length.
  • the elastic waist and ease in wearing.
  • it took me about an hour to make. OK, maybe a little more.
Things I hate about it:
  • the elastic waist. I know, I love it, too, but it's the principle. I really love the look of a sleek fitting skirt, but right now, the ol' bod is just not cooperating, hence the hate.
  • the inside. This is kind of the equivalent of a beginning home ec project, and the inside seam finishing* would earn me a C- at best.
  • no pockets. It would be great with pockets, but I was just lazy.
The back, for grins:
About that seam finishing. First, I had decided to do nothing. Then I thought, what the heck, I'll serge the edges for a more finished look, but I won't change the thread because, well, I hate doing that, so white thread it is. Side seam #1, serged and fine. I start to serge side seam #2. Oops, run out of looper thread. Epic fail on the serger. I decide to just hack, er, pink that seam. Still, it looks like a 5 year old hacked it. Ah, well, I just won't wear it inside out.


  1. I think it's cute Elle! Simple and sweet :)

  2. Cute skirt, and perfect for a summer picnic or errands. I like it, and I don't care that you gave yourself a C- on the seam finishing.

  3. You look really good in that skirt. It looks to be very versatile. You may end up wearing it more often than you think.

  4. I find pinking difficult, too. I know I was good with scissors when I was 5!



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