Monday, July 12, 2010

Skirt Making

First, thanks for the birthday wishes. It was actually my husband, Roland's, 50th yesterday. I turned 50 *ahem* several months ago, and Gwen, you're darn right... it's the new 40 (oh, can't it be the new 30?!).

So, making skirts. How hard can it be? Actually, making a skirt is pretty easy. You don't even need a pattern. Really. It's the fitting. And right now, I'm having a wee bit of a body image crisis, which is frustrating me on so many levels. But I really want a denim skirt. You know, to wear instead of shorts during this hot, Georgia summer.

I picked a pattern, mostly because Simplicity patterns were on sale for $1.99 at Joanns, and this one had pockets:
Doesn't she look cute? Of course she does, because everyone who wears a size 4 looks cute, don't they?

A few problems I encountered... I don't like having my skirt be as wide as it is long. Blerg. And the denim, while lightweight, was not really drapey enough for the flippy skirt but I made it anyway. Even the cute, little tabs. But I didn't put the buttons on them because I decided for now a shirt would not be tucked in. I did use a lighter weight cotton for the pocket facings and for the yoke facing so those areas weren't too bulky.

Good sewer that I am, it's well made, and I'm even wearing it today in spite of my dislike for it, but there you go. Take a look at the side view:
It kind of tucks in around the thighs while I'm wearing it, just like on the dress form. It's not as noticeable if my shirt is out. Another problem with it is that it is actually too big in the waist, but I was so paranoid about it being too tight that I overestimated, even when I did the pin fitting. Blerg, again.

I've started a new walking campaign, to combat those pesky body image problems, and I'm going to try again. I bought some even lighter weight denim at Hancocks, and I plan to just make an a-line skirt with an elastic waistband. No pattern necessary.

Hopefully, I'll have happier news to report after that skirt is done!

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  1. Well then, Happy Belated BD to your hubby! I know what you mean about a garment being as wide as is tall--I have some of those! Maybe if you wash your skirt a number of times, it will "distress" enough to soften up. It is a cute pattern.



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