Friday, July 30, 2010

Stripe Angst

For my next trick project, I want to try another vintage pattern. I bought this Simplicity pattern from eBay, because I love a good shirtdress, and I also love the raglan sleeves. But I've been agonizing over the fabric a little, and then decided to buy another stripe, mostly because it was on sale. I'm thinking that maybe wasn't a good reason. It's an Amy Butler twill and was a ridiculously low price at Hmmm, maybe there was a reason for that low price. People thought it was ugly.

Before you scroll down more and see the picture (oh, of course you've already seen the picture), I'm thinking of just using the stripe for the skirt, and doing a solid color for the "shirt". Maybe even in a cotton jersey? Maybe the light blue?

Oh, well, in the meantime, I know I'm going to need to make some alterations to the pattern, so I'll get to that and await your valuable advice.


  1. I think the fabric is great for the skirt and I'd go with the pale blue in same type of fabric for the bodice(?) with a contrasting belt/ maybe the brown and brown buttons.

  2. I really like the fabric Elle --- it has a 50's vibe (perhaps due to the color combination) that I think compliments the pattern style nicely. Personally I'd choose the dark grey for the bodice because I think it would be sharp, sophisticated accent color (and maybe partially --- though it's totally irrelevant --- because of my personal experience of light blue being a washout color for my pale complexion LOL).

  3. I like your idea Elle, to use the zig zaggy stripes for the skirt. ginny's suggestion for grey on the top is my thought too. What about using some of the stripes in a pocket or collar detail also?

    You've been really busy lately!

  4. I love that vintage pattern and think that a combination of the stripes for the skirt and plain colour for the top will look beautiful. Personally, I think blue would be very nice but you could pick out any of the colours, depending on what fabric is available.

  5. The fabric isn't ugly. What might have scared away some buyers is that they wondered if the interrupted zig zag would flatter their hips. It looks like one of those fabrics that you have to bunch around yourself like a towel to see how it translates. I think it could be quite forgiving because the stripe interrupts so much that the eye no longer sees it as a stripe. Let us know how it comes out. I like the fabric.

  6. I think the fab is fab. I'd use it for the whole dress.



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