Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beautiful Wedding Photos

Aren't all weddings beautiful? Don't they just make you cry? I know that I'm just a wee bit biased, but Laura and Thomas have gotten their professional wedding photos and they are amazing!

If you ever need a wedding photographer, and are in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend their photographer, Nam Nguyen. He was assisted by Jeremy Harwell, a fabulous photographer in his own right.

Nam blogged about Laura and Thomas' wedding, so head on over to NamNguyenPhotography for a lot of beautiful! (The last link will take you to their wedding.)


  1. STUNNING!!!! I love those pictures! The photographers did a phenomenal job!

    On a side note, I know I have spoke to you before about my getting married in about a year in regards to your handbags (which I still adore and am contemplating). I also am wondering where/what designer did your daughter's veil? I love the style of it! I am having a time finding the right veil for my dress because it has a lot of lace detail and many of the veils overpower it. Finding the perfect bridal attire is so important! :) Any information would be greatly appreciated!!! Her veil is gorgeous!

  2. so pretty. I do wish we could have been there! I love purple! It doesn't get used much in weddings, but it is so perfect. Of course, I'm a little biased because almost 38 years ago, we used purple in our wedding. We married just before Christmas and I didn't want the expected red or green. Laura is truly a beautiful young woman. I know you are proud of her. She has found a great guy.



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