Friday, February 11, 2011

Finished Object Friday -- Week 3, and Another Experiment!

I've made an executive decision on behalf of you, my readers, and have decided that my non-sewing UFOs are too mind-numbingly boring to share. Seriously. Do you really care if I manage to clean off my desk heaped with piles of paper? Or that I do my ironing from last fall? I don't really even care, and so, um, I didn't even do those chores that seem to just be hanging around to taunt and harass me.

I did manage to finish a sewing UFO though, and made 2 clutches for my shop. Now, these 2 actually are almost identical, and I've already sold 2 like them, so was in the process of making these last spring when I got sidetracked. Who knows with what. Perhaps I was afraid of an accident with teeny, tiny seed beads. And it was well that I should have been afraid, because Wednesday afternoon there were dozens of red beads stuck in my white-ish berber carpet. Nevertheless, knowing Friday was looming, I soldiered on, and finished.

 It's one of my favorites, so if it never gets sold, I won't be too heartbroken.

 Now for more experimental sewing. The ingredients for this experiment were the last remaining bit of baby blue interlock knit, some black foldover elastic, and my coverstitch machine, still threaded with baby blue thread.
What did I learn from this experiment? Mostly, that I still have a lot to learn about sewing with knits, elastic and the coverstitch. The hem looks awesome though! And it only took me about 45 minutes from start to finish! And yes, I might sleep in it in the heat of the summer. I slept in the tee last night, and that interlock is so super soft that I was cozy all night long. Too much info?

Finally, even though I had a friend drop in and visit most of the afternoon, I still managed to cut out the muslin bodice for my formal dress. Here's the pattern I'll be attempting:
I've already tried this once, but I have no idea if I even saved this attempt, so I'm starting fresh. Hopefully, I'll have the new attempt posted this weekend.


  1. Love the clutch and your embellishment with beads. Whenever I have a beading project, there usually are as many, if not more, beads on the floor!

  2. Wow, that top turned out great! I am very fearful of sewing with knits, too... :-(



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